How to Refinance Upside-Down Home Mortgages |
It's wise for homeowners to take advantage of lower interest rates and refinance their mortgage loans. Regrettably, if you're upside down on your home loan .

Government Refinance Assistance
The new upgrades to both the FHA streamline program and the HARP program should make it easier to refinance mortgages — even upside down/underwater .


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HOPE for Homeowners FHA Refinance - HOPE for Upside-Down ...
HOPE for Homeowners Program is Designed to Rescue Upside-Down . refinance mortgages through FHA for struggling and upside-down borrowers who meet .

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Can I Really Refinance My Home Loan That's Upside Down ...
Apr 27, 2012 . In essence, it is a program that allows upside down homeowners that are CURRENT on their mortgage to refinance to today's historically low .

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California Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) For Upside ...
Mar 1, 2012. Refinance Program (HARP), also known as Obama Government Refinance Program, Upside Down Mortgage or Underwater Refinancing.

Refinancing in an upside down world |
Jun 19, 2012 . ~Will refinancing save me money, interest or years of payments? ~Can I refinance my mortgage if I am upside down (owe more in my mortgage .

HARP 2: Will the Home Affordable Refinance Program Really Help ...
Mar 22, 2012 . The mortgage industry is buzzing about HARP 2, the revamped federal Home . who are seriously upside down on their loans to refinance.

Options to Turn Your Upside-Down Mortgage Right-Side Up ...
Nov 17, 2011 . This phenomenon is known as an “upside-down mortgage” or an “underwater mortgage.” Refinancing the mortgage is typically not the solution .

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Established in 1993

New Upside Down Refinance Programs = Relief ... - Orlando Mortgage
Jun 13, 2012 . Looking for an upside down refinance? With the introduction of the amazing HARP 2.0...FHA Streamline Refinance ...on Monday, June 11, .

Mortgage rates at historic lows, but it's harder to refinance ...
Jul 11, 2012 . It enables certain borrowers who had Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages to refinance even if they're upside-down on their mortgages .

FHA Short Refinance – Government Mortgage Assistance for Upside ...
Feb 10, 2011 . The FHA short refinance program provides homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than the value of their home an opportunity to .

With HARP/ government refinance, you don't have to use your ...
Jul 13, 2012 . I took out a mortgage six years ago with Bank of America and have an . well may qualify for a refinance, even though you're upside down on .

Can I Refinance for a Lower Interest Rate With an Upside Down ...
The real estate crash of 2006 to 2008 left many homeowners with mortgage loan balances greater than the value of their homes. By 2010, mortgage rates had .

Should You Walk From an Upside Down Foreclosure?
Should You Walk From an Upside Down Foreclosure? . retracting and leaving the latest home buyers, or buyers who refinanced, with upside down mortgages.

How to Refinance when You Are Upside Down in a Mortgage ...
Sep 19, 2010 . My husband and I had been sitting on a 6.75% mortgage when we decided that refinancing down to a 5% rate would make financial sense.

Can I combine my first and second mortgage into a HARP loan?
Mar 16, 2012 . Is a HARP No Cost Refinance option available for a HARP loan? . some will even grant a subordination to upside down homeowners now.

Jumbo Mortgage Rate Refinance Provides Positive Equity For Upside
Apr 6, 2012 . Jumbo Mortgage Rate Refinance Provides Positive Equity For Upside Down Luxury Homeowners 5.mp4. Mark Ostrye. Subscribe Subscribed .

New mortgage refinance option could help many Idaho residents ...
Oct 24, 2011. keep Americans, who are upside down in their mortgages, in their homes. . The plan is to help them refinance at a lower rate, something that .

Mortgage Refinance FAQ | Capital One
Find information about Mortgage refinance in the Capital One FAQ. See how . I owe more than my home is worth (underwater or upside down). Can I still .

HARP Refinance | Las Vegas Mortgage Market Blog
These changes will permit more borrowers to take advantage of the HARP program in order to refinance their upside-down mortgages to more favorable rates .

When A Mortgage Turns Upside Down - CBS News
Feb 11, 2009 . CBS Evening News: When A Mortgage Turns Upside Down - In The . Wimbish hoped to get out of the hole by refinancing her mortgage at .

New Jersey Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) Help for ...
New Jersey HARP Refinance, also known as DU REFI Plus or the Obama Government Refinance Program. Helping homeowners with upside down mortgages.

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Underwater Homeowners Refinancing Bill Gains Momentum
Jul 15, 2011 . The provision would remove refinancing limits on homes that are upside down on their mortgages or owe more on their mortgage than the .

Quicken Loans Review - Best Mortgage Refinance Rates for Home ...
Mar 2, 2011 . Quicken Loans Review – Best Mortgage Refinance Rates for Home . be especially helpful if you are upside down on your mortgage loan or .